Sunday, April 27, 2008

Am I coming or going?

Wow. What a busy weekend. Friday the boys had a dentist appt in the morning - which they did great at and then spent the afternoon with Meena while I tried to rush through grocery shopping. I think I am the slowest shopper in the world - no joke. I even frustrate myself. My plan is to fly through and just grab the most needed items and I ALWAYS end up browsing for things I have no business looking at (I physically can not pass a clearance isle without a little peek) and then reading nutrition labels and comparing prices and just basically wasting so much time. I think my fastest trip is like 2 hours. And that is hard for me. Crazy, I know. I really think it might be a disease or genetic abnormality.
Anyway, then I raced home to unload, went to picked up the kids, came back home to pack for our first sleepover. Then to our friends house for a LONG night of fun.

My friend from homeschool and church invited the boys to sleep over since her husband was out of town and she wanted to surprise her boys with something fun. Our kids are almost the exact same age and get along really well. But since she was alone I offered to go and help which ended up being great! Sergeant understood how much I needed to have a girls night and didn't mind at all that we ditched him for the night. I think he enjoyed a night of peace and quiet. Well this was a treat for the kids for sure! For a flexible person like myself I do maintain a pretty rigid bedtime setup. So for that to be completely thrown out the window thrilled the boys to no end. They got to stay up as late as they wanted and sleep anywhere they wanted and eat treats galore. We had so much fun making forts out of couches, movies, dinner, treats, the kids playing and of course us yakking. No one went to bed until 1am. Needless to say the kids were dragging and very cranky in the a.m.

We had to leave early in the morning to get the Negotiator home, fed, and to our tee ball game. I thought for sure he wouldn't be into it due to the party the night before, but he did really well. He hit hard, ran hard and paid close attention to the coaches direction. Then Aunt B offered to take the kids so the Sergeant and I could have a date. So to make up for leaving him the night before I agreed to go out on the bike. He loves that. Then after lunch and naps for all we dropped the kids at their second home, and explored a little more of Vegas. He took me through the Valley of Fire state park. It was really pretty and ends around Lake Mead. 160 miles. I actually enjoyed it. I don't think I'd like to go ALL day like they do but a few hours is okay. occasionally. After, we went to Red Rock for dinner and a movie. It was fun. Sometimes we forget how much fun we have together. We get a lot more alone time now that we are close to family and have someone to watch the kids sometimes, but its still surprises me how much we really do enjoy each other. I know that sounds strange. Its just fun to step out of work/parent mode and date again. I guess Vegas isn't all that bad.

Sunday we slept through church. Darn it. I hate when that happens, but it was nice to sit still for awhile. Then we BBQ'd dinner with the family. ------- I'm wiped. So are the kids. They were in complete meltdown by bedtime.

This week is another busy one. I better go shower and get started.

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R said...

Isn't it funny how weird it feels when you go out alone with your husband? Good grief, the Prof and I just had a weekend together and I felt WRONG almost. Too scotfree to be real, actually.

Glad you had a good time.

You went on a bike? Yow!