Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Fun in the Sun

Do you ever feel a need to get closer to the earth? Experience a little grit, sweat, adventure? Our lives are so comfortable (which I'm so grateful for) that sometimes I crave a little . . . connection with nature. I want to do things - adventurous, sporty things. Horseback riding, river rafting, camping, hiking, skiing etc. I guess I just want to disconnect from everything high tech and modern for a bit and use my muscles (if they haven't atrophied under my lazy flesh) and find a challenge with the outdoors. I have become an indoor girl - and I never wanted that. I think I will tell Sergeant we should do something different this anniversary. Skip the expected luxurious hotel stay and have some raw fun.
This year I will make an effort fulfill this desire and show it as a value to my children.
(Negotiator will be so sad.)

1 comment:

R said...

You have always been like that so it would naturally come back. That is a good sign.

Eleven years, my friend.